Services provides high quality market research, market intelligence and strategy consulting services. Our experts have worked across a large range of industries focusing on understanding and forecasting customer demand in order to establish an optimum market position

We provide direct consultancy to help business understand customer decision making and to understand how to influence this and assess the effectiveness of business and marketing expenditure.

We avoid a salesy approach. If we're not right for the job we say so and try and help you find someone more suitable. If we can help, we will be open, ask pertinent questions to find out more about your needs, and provide advice and assistance where we can.

We are very comfortable working with clients remotely via phone, email and the internet and work with many international clients in this way working seemlessly across borders. We also provide training and courses in conjoint analysis and pricing research if you need to know in person how these techniques work.

Market Research

Qualitative and quantitative market research, on-line and off-line typically investigating what drives decisions using stimulus-response based research techniques such as conjoint analysis. We work in the UK and internationally. For complex research and business problems that include an element of consultancy or strategic development we run workshops, build straw men market models and use iterative design techniques to link the process of market research to organisational change and action.

Strategy development

Consultancy to support evidence-based strategy development and implementation including measures of effectiveness.

Insight technologies - Information handling and intelligence

We manage can develop and build marketing and market intelligence databases. Our analysts are also skilled at database analysis and market intelligence gathering and analysis with information from a wide variety of sources across a range of market industries.

Managing market knowledge

Our online technology expertise means that we are able to develop web-applications and IT tools for the management and automation of market knowledge collection, analysis and reporting, and develop tools that can be used by staff to facilitate the collection and sharing of customer knowledge.

Training and mentoring

With increasing amounts of research and intelligence gathering being done via DIY market research (a term invented at, organisations can benefit from formal market research training and mentoring, or just to have a sounding board on questionnaire or survey design. Technical areas like pricing research or segmentation have pitfalls for novices, while non-specialists don't know of the capabilities of advanced research techniques like conjoint analysis for market modelling or forecasting. We have a number of successfully delivered day and half-day courses and have provided training and workshops for research.