Market research that makes a difference is a market research and intelligence consultancy focused on delivering performance enhancing insight. We help you answer fundamental business questions about products, services and brands. How can you build market share? What makes a customer buy or not buy? What should you prioritise to better meet customer needs? What should you invest in to improve customer experiences and satisfaction?

We provide specialised market research, business intelligence, consultancy and insight technologies to identify choice drivers and customer values. We apply these insights to forecast and model market behaviour using leading market research techniques combined with applied business knowledge.

Building decisions

To know where to invest money and effort, a business needs to know what customers value most and how to encourage them to buy. It could be brand image, product features, service, advertising, price or channel. We provide research and intelligence to develop insights to build compelling business strategies.

Unlocking markets

In many situations, customers cannot say reliably what or how they value products or services and tick-box research surveys don't go deep enough.

Our highly experienced consultants draw on a range of advanced insight techniques to unlock and measure brand performance and decision-making processes. We use and present papers on conjoint analysis, brand-price trade-offs, purchase analysis, customer relationship analysis and a range of specialist quantitative and qualitative market research techniques that can be blended with workshops and hands-on modelling.


We work with businesses from pre-IPO start-ups to global blue chips including Intel, Leica, The Independent, Ipswitch, SolidWorks, Delivery Hero, Curaprox, Boehringer Ingelheim, Publicis Groupe, Bavaria Beer, RM. Our team present papers at leading industry conferences on topics like conjoint analysis.


This site includes resources for those new to market research and for experienced insight practitioners needing advanced guidance.

We are featured in the following books: "Smarter Pricing" by Professor Tony Cram (pub. Financial Times) and "Marketing Research" by Dr Nigel Bradley (pub. Oxford University Press)

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We are based in Bristol in the UK and Barcelona in Spain. Call +44(0)117 230 7220, email, or use our help and advice form.


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