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Strategies, brands, communications all rely on understanding your customers' desires and preferences. This section provides information about the services offered by together with demonstrations, documents and links to help you better meet customers' needs.

We provide a full range of custom research services, designed and analysed to a high technical standard (not just a set of charts) to produce deeper insight. This includes multi-national telephone and internet surveys in multiple languages including advanced aspects such as a web-assist - where personalised web-pages are used as prompts for telephone research - and fully tailored conjoint and trade-off research.


Quantitative research- Quantitative is the numbers and measurement form or market research - how many buy and how much do they value? We provide a full range of quantitative research techniques face-to-face, telephone and on-line.

Qualitative research- The exploratory side. We carry out depth interviewing, discussion groups, executive interviewing using a wide range of investigative techniques, both face-to-face and by telephone.

New product development research- As experts in trade off research techniques, we are frequently asked to carry out research into the design and improvement of products and services or a combination of both.

Customer satisfaction- There's more to customer satisfaction than asking a customer if they are satisfied. We focus on the business relationship and understanding and measuring the drivers of satisfaction.

Segmentation research- Finding customer segments is easy. Finding segments that the business can work with on a day-to-day basis and monitor over time requires a more thorough segmentation development.

Sensory emotional research- Much decision making is hidden - even from the person making the decision. To get at key drivers means getting behind the post-rationalised explanation and into the deeper emotional drivers.

Conjoint Analysis, trade-offs and market modelling - Find out your true customer needs and values by understanding how they make trade-offs and predict how developments will affect market share.

Improving the research process - Why taking another look at how research fits with your business can add value to the end results.


Better market intelligence - Collecting, sharing and managing customer and competitor information to keep in tune with what is happening in your market.

Links to on-line information sources - Looking for information about technology markets, use our directory of on-line publications and analysts.


Customer Knowledge- Why customer knowledge is crucial to building strong customer relationships, and how to collect it using Notanant's web knowledge system

One-to-one Research - How involving your staff in collecting information about your customers can deepen your customer relationships.


Strategic analysis - What is involved in strategic analysis and why do you need it to set the direction for your business.

Brands - How brands work and how brands are used. Using brands to build relationships with your customers.

Business markets - Understand the marketing issues that make marketing in a business arena different from consumer markets.

For help and advice on carrying out research projects that are different and give you more insight contact