We have presented at the Market Research Society conference, the MRS's BIG (Business Interest Group) conference and at Sawtooth/Skim Europe's Conjoint Conference. Below are white papers, copies of Splash of Thought our occasional newsletter and other papers we have written. We have a monthly blog on current market research matters.

Understanding choice making and marketing (.pdf format 2MB) - how we are coming to understand choice making based on modern neurology and how this impacts on marketing and research

Introduction to Conjoint Analysis (.pdf) - a brief description of conjoint analysis, what it is and how it can help you understand what your customers will really buy.

One-to-one Research in Business Markets (.pdf) - a new approach to market research that gets your staff involved with customers to give you an individual customer by customer view plus the big picture.

Splash of Thought is our periodic ideas sheet taking ideas and trends that we are seeing in the marketplace from the breadth of our research, and our notes on the direction that marketing is going.

Splash of Thought Issue 1 (.pdf format 342K) - services designed for satisfaction - are you actually designing services that will make customers satisfied

Splash of Thought Issue 2 (.pdf format 468K) - too many bells and whistles - are you over designing your products and services?

Splash of Thought Issue 3 (.pdf format 398K) - satisfactory satisfaction - are you really measuring what your customers want measured?

Splash of Thought Issue 4 (.pdf format 377k) -  sensory emotional patterns - are you missing out on the emotional benefits customers look for when they go shopping for moods

Splash of Thought Issue 5 (.pdf format 687k) -  the great branding squeeze - how retail is forcing marketers to focus on below the line sales activity and key account management.

Guide to Finding Pre-published Research (.pdf) - some helpful ideas on conducting your own desk research, including some ideas of where to look and ways of structuring your search to find what you're looking for.

An explanation of Trade-off or Simalto grids (.pdf) - Simalto or trade-off grids are a quick and easy way of gathering information about your performance and where customers want you to improve via full performance descriptions, rather than hard to interpret scales

Hints and Tips for Market Research on the Internet - conducting survey research on the Internet brings new challenges. Here are a collection of hints and tips that we have found useful.

Basics of Survey Research - a brief introduction to the fundamentals of survey research, why and how it works and a description of the key techniques.