Technology case studies

Technology is an area where we have direct experience and expertise in programming in a variety of environments, both for research use in our own proprietary survey software, in model building, but also in development of internet applications. Combined with our understanding of the needs of marketing, we can offer direct assistance in streamlining many marketing tasks and adding interactivity to research findings.


Notanant is the easiest way of making websites with members. Members could be customers, suppliers, club members, friends and family. All sorts. Notanant makes it so easy it can be used as one of the first truly universal competitive databases, or for storing customer knowledge. But it can also be used for building online directories, e-magazines and subscription-based services. Notanant has been developed entirely in-house and is a pure web-based application. Notanant currently serves as the website for a growing community of specialist business membership and social networking applications.

SurveyGarden online surveying software

Our SurveyGarden site uses our own in-house developed surveying software to enable us to run and include many advanced features that are not available in standard commercial packages, such as BPTO exercises, augmented ranking, quality of service measurement and links into specialist conjoint programs. Includes administrator access, export to Triple-S and full style sheet layout and image control.

Web-assisted telephone interviewing

Our online surveying software allows two versions of the same page to be displayed allowing respondents and interviewers to see the same question, while just allowing the interviewer to enter the answers. When used with dynamic text fields this allows fully personalised individual interviews which use the internet for prompting, while the interviewer keeps control over flow and data entry. conjoint system

Our own in-house conjoint system that extends the range and capabilities of conjoint software for on-line surveys with several brand new conjoint methods and styles. Allows for up to 10 different conjoint styles from an individual designer and includes learning algorithm to show respondents how they are choosing different elements. Currently in use at the University of Michigan


FieldShare is the on-line database of market research interviewer, recruiters and fieldworkers for the UK and Ireland. Developed entirely in house it is now providing fieldworkers with work and agencies with fieldwork for a wide range of UK research houses.

Technically, FieldShare uses a combination of server-side PHP scripts on top of a MySQL database to provide access and display control for the main database, distinguishing between Interviewers (those looking for work) and Clients (those offering work).

Questionnaire Wizard

The Questionnaire Wizard provides a simple mechanism for creating basic questionnaires for beginners. It can also be used as to standardise questions for agencies producing a large number of questionnaires each year. Written in Visual Basic, it produces output directly into MS Word as well as text, HTML and XML formats.

The software is extremely flexible. With the use of an Encoder, new survey types, question types and question wordings can be quickly added for use by the basic Wizard. This product has now been licensed to SPSS for further development.

BPTO and bespoke model building

In our market research and analysis work we are often called on to produce statistical models of consumer and business behaviour. These models take data from surveys or databases and produce an interactive model that enable marketers and business professionals to investigate price, cost and market share decisions in a dynamic way. Models can be build into Excel, or produced as fully functional standalone Visual Basic applications.

Java and Javascript programs

On this site are a number of Java and Javascript demonstrations, such as those used for the conjoint demonstration that use a combination of Java Applets and Javascript controllers. These have been created from scratch in-house.

In-house productivity tools

To help speed up and simplify analysis and the production of reports we have created a number of VBA tools. For instance we have a tool that enables data to be passed from Powerpoint to Excel and back again that greatly speeds chart production from market research tables.