Market intelligence case studies

Market intelligence is something that we use with many of our projects, even if it is just to get the lay of the land before we start or to act as a sense check on our findings.

This section contains a selection of case studies. Rather than reveal the clients, some of whom would be happy for us to say who they are and others who would prefer confidentiality, we have decided not to reveal any names.

Product positioning and investment potential

A small software company had a revolutionary and patented set of technologies. They needed to identify how to position and pitch the product to establish a new market. As part of this was identifying potential market size, segments and take up potential in order to attract investors.

Competitors in the schools fees market

School fees for private education are a large commitment that have to be considered for the whole length of the schooling (dropping out is disruptive to the child's education). We carried out a full market scope looking at suppliers and competitive offerings and making assessments about the market size, structure and potential and routes in for new products.

Database cleaning, augmentation and analysis

A membership organisation was looking to better understand it's members. The first stage was to combine and clean the databases in use, deduping and then augmenting the database with additional MOSAIC profiling information. From this cleaned database a detailed membership analysis could be carried out before returning the cleaned data for targeting and segmentation purposes.

Tourism to Japan

What would Japan need to do to attract more visitors from Europe. Our desk research project looked at all the major sources of information about the travel market to Japan leading to three reports totalling more than 220 pages describing in detail holiday preferences and habits, market structure, pricing and competitive offerings.

High Quality waste disposal

We don't like talking about waste, but its all around us. This start up company holds a patent on some revolutionary waste disposal technology. We were able to guide the direction of the company towards profitable waste streams where high quality disposal was essential as so prove the business plan to get Government grants for manufacturing.

Competitive review for software company

For companies in a global business-to-business market, competitors are never as easy to find and asses as they are locally or in consumer markets. Scouring the Internet we were able to find over 100 potential competitors for this software company and by assessing their financial and customer details we were able to classify which were the greatest threat, and who their competitors really were.

Market sizing in the peripherals market

Specialist peripherals tend to suit specialist markets, but what if your product is suited to a number of different markets. We conducted a Europe-wide audit of market potential for this product to estimate a total market size. More importantly, we showed there were market sectors that they thought they could address, but where they would struggle because of cost.

Getting access to the NHS

If you were thinking of designing software to help managing the National Health Service (NHS) you'd think they'd be falling over themselves to tell you what they wanted. But with over 1 million people employed across more than 100 different regional bodies finding the right contacts, and more importantly the right contacts who want to help can be a nightmare. Even central procurement didn't know where to start. We slowly (and patiently) worked around through and over the system to find people who could help.

Price positioning for software

Understanding pricing isn't just about knowing what people will pay. There is always a competitive element and often the price list from the manufacturer does not reflect the genuine street price for competitive offerings as the channel trims its margins to establish competitive positions. We carried out a pan-European competitive pricing review online and through printed media which enabled the company to settle a pricing policy across Europe

Demand for video news

Press releases aren't the only way of distributing news and information, companies also produce their own news reels to support their PR campaigns, particularly in diverse fields such as sports and health and beauty. Using desk research we were able to produce a profile of companies using video news and so help a new venture establish the potential of setting up a new business in this area.