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Conjoint Explorer

The Conjoint Explorer is a live interactive and fully editable on-line tool for exploring Conjoint Analysis designs, methods, attributes and levels and approaches.

The Conjoint Explorer provides live examples of conjoint analysis in action, an editor to change designs and work on attributes and levels, an estimator to see how choices turn into calculated utility values and path worths, and a live model that shows how utility scores are translated into estimates of share of preference.

For students the Conjoint Explorer provides a practical method to understand conjoint analysis. For Conjoint Designers and researchers, it provides a live tool to assist in the creation of attributes and levels, and exploring different presentation formats for more realistic conjoint analysis design.

Add conjoint definition... - attributes and levels; - pickmode (paired, choice, scale, best-worst) - settings [tasks, profiles, format] - template
Add conjoint demo here...
Conjoint utility and importance charts...
Add conjoint model here...

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