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in-depth market research

As specialists in market research and intelligence, answers fundamental business questions about products, services and brands. How to build market share? What makes a customer buy or not buy? What to prioritise to better meet customer needs? What to invest in to improve customer experiences and satisfaction?

We provide research, intelligence and technology services to help you focus your products on customer needs and create compelling business plans and strategies founded on data, statistics and market understanding.

Unlocking markets

Our customer insights draw on a range of advanced statistical techniques and our own unique Cxoice survey technologies and software to visualise, unlock and measure and model decision-making processes. We use and present papers on conjoint analysis, brand equity research, pricing research, market sizing and a range of specialist quantitative and qualitative market research techniques that can be blended with data analysis, market intelligence, workshops and hands-on modelling.

Contact us

We work internationally on projects in UK, Europe and US with a base in Chepstow in the UK and Girona in Spain. Contact us at, or call +44(0)20 7193 6640, or use our help and advice form.

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