Websites and web applications has designed and implemented a number of web applications from Notanant our marketing knowledge system to FieldShare, the on-line database of market research fieldworkers and developed our own surveying and community tools including non-linear questionnaires using sophisticated AJAX designs, and specialised conjoint tools.

As the Internet continues to develop, websites continue to become more sophisticated incorporating elements of content management, social networking, geographic location data and delivering pages in a wide variety of formats for an increasing number of different internet connected devices. In addition, we are finding new ways of gathering information be it social media monitoring, or different types of questionning or market tests, such as timed response questions or non-linear questionnaires, or just using pop-ups to develop adverts automatically using auto-learning and conjoint-type experimental designs.

In addition, database driven websites are both generating huge volumes of data (Big Data) making it extremely difficult to analyse traffic flows and patterns except via sampling and statistical measures. In amongst this wash of data, companies need to place advertising, check different designs and automate the processes of tailoring information and marketing to individuals.

The three skills of CMS-based website design with social networking, of linking and analysing data and collecting it in new ways, and in terms of building self-learning marketing are all strands that we have developed and used in house.

We have our own web-application Notanant which is purely web-based and makes it simple to create and change information on-line, whether just as a simple website, a directory or a fully-blown private marketing intelligence centre. Our analytical and response-capture skills offer different ways to look at your data, and our auto-updating adverts mean that we have a full range of development skills in addition to our main research speciality.

Because of our deep experience in creating and tracking web-application development we are able to offer businesses of any size high quality development skills in all areas of web-application design.

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