Product list

Below are a selection of our main products. We design bespoke research surveys and provide a range of information and analysis tools on a custom-basis in addition to our brands FieldShare, SurveyGarden, Notanant, Cxoice Survey Sofware and Questionnaire Wizard.

We carry out market research on and offline, in one country or internationally across diverse industries including specialised areas such as technology, pharmaceutical or financial research.

Through our website we try to explain market research and strategic consulting principles and services to give a flavour of what we do and how we approach problems.

" I have been very impressed by the overall management of the project from the brief, through the fieldwork, the analysis conducted to the presentation of results. The communication between yourselves and us has also been clear and prompt.

The presentation gave the audience a clear understanding of a complicated study. "

Research Manager Northcliffe Newspapers

Conjoint analysis and trade-off research

Choice-based, Adaptive (ACA), full-profile and bespoke designs for business and consumer markets, online or offline or with telephone assists. Delivering market models showing how share of preference changes as attributes change.

Product leaflet for conjoint analysis (.pdf)

Pricing research

Understanding demand and revenue optimisation. Gabor-Granger, direct pricing, van Westerndorp, choice tasks, database analysis and price intelligence collection for competitor monitoring. Online, phone, face-to-face or postal. Nationally or internationally

Product leaflet for pricing research and optimisation (.pdf)

Online and offline market research

All forms of market research including web-assisted telephone interviewing (WATI) where respondents are guided through a survey on the telephone but can see the questions and prompts on-line, on-line surveys, face-to-face research and business-to-business executive interviewing and telephone group discussions.

Brand performance measurement

How does your marketing stack up? Are your brands delivering monetary value? Which parts of your marketing and sales activities are working hardest? Where should you invest to improve brand performance? We design bespoke insight programmes to track, monitor and evaluate brand performance.

Product leaflet for brand performance (.pdf)

Hierarchy of needs and MaxDiff

A fast and simple method of prioritising features and marketing messages in situations where you have a large pool of options (up to 60).


We have a full toolkit of segmentation approaches that can be tailored to market needs and the types of data available or that can be collected. Finding segments in a market, is only the first part though. Segments need to be reachable, measurement and replicable for future monitoring and more detailed work (it's not just cluster analysis).

Product leaflet for segmentation (.pdf)

Quality of Service Review

An account manager led process for understanding service objectively in relationships capturing detailed customer information and aggregate market information

Web-assisted Telephone Interviewing

With everything online, there are still markets like B2B where telephone interviewing and recruiting is needed in order to navigate through corporate contact systems and gatekeepers. WATI allows the telephone contact to be completed with a web-assisted interview under the control of the interviewer, saving on drop-out and maintaining person-to-person rapport.

Product leaflet for Web-assisted Telephone Interviewing (WATI) (.pdf)

Sensory-emotional research

A very deep and in depth method of understanding emotional responses and patterns to brands and products.

Non-linear questionnaires

Allowing customers to answer the questions they want in the order they want increases engagement in surveys and allows priority areas to be identified by the order in which questions are answered.

Product leaflet for Non-linear Questionnaires (.pdf)

Other leaflets available

Product positioning (.pdf)

Co-collaboration and co-creation) (.pdf)

Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) (.pdf)

Marketing experiments and experimental designs (.pdf)

Custom survey software and survey design (.pdf)

Managing DIY research (.pdf)