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Market strategies

Developing a clear and profitable strategy relies on balancing competencies and abilities against the market opportunities and competitive forces into the future. offers a strategic development process that starts with strategic analysis and takes you through to implementation. Our marketing effectiveness studies look at how your marketing expenditure can be optimised to maximise your marketing ROI.

Strategic analysis

Many marketing plans happen by hunch, but there is a better way. Strategic analysis forms the groundwork for the development of market strategies and involves looking at your customers and markets, your competitors and your competencies to identify the areas of opportunity and threat, based on what your customers really value and what you can cost effectively deliver.


Marketing effectiveness

Increasingly financial analysts are looking at how to get the best from marketing budgets and marketing is now no longer just the preserve of the marketing department but impacts on operations through TQM and customer satisfaction, on IT through customer databases, on sales through CRM and sales management and on finance through customer profitability analysis. With so many people now involved in marketing and so many ways to market, marketing effectiveness is a major question.


Brand development

Brands are not just products, a brand may be the company itself and so how people think about the company brand affects them as employees as well as customers. Developing and understanding brands is a core part of company management.


Focus areas

If you have specific areas of marketing that you want help developing, we have experience in

For help and advice on setting your market strategies contact


Market strategies - resources

The process of developing market strategies from setting target markets, analysing competition and identifying key capabilities to developing plans, brands and branding and understanding different types of markets.

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