A better research and insight process

The way in which you carry out market research can have a greater impact on the insights you find and the success of a project downstream from the actual results from the research itself. Sometimes a survey or research will need to be extremely quick, at other times the research is part of a longer period of investigation and decision making.

Our research and insight process is designed to ensure you get the maximum benefit of getting your business to start to really pay attention to how and what your customers think.

For our research to be insightful we must understand something of your business, how it works, what your corporate culture is and start to understand how you think.

We can then complete a design with your internal team, not just the marketing team but with all the key people who will be involved in  implementation at the end

When we undertake the research itself, we keep you updated with feedback about how it is going and the issues that are emerging and can iterate the design with your feedback.

We report in a presentation and work with you to summarise the key insight points for dissemination through the business.

Just producing results is not enough, we can also work with your action teams  to produce commercial solutions to the issues raised.

And once the commercial plans are completed, that's the time for action and monitoring (see implementing strategies)

Of course, sometimes this level of involvement is not required. Sometimes results are needed tomorrow and you need then to work with people who have the experience to make a project happen quickly, but also to high quality. Because we are used to working and thinking of the business implications and not just the research, our projects will always delivery that little bit more. And our experience is that when considering any business decision, involving thoughts about customers and research as early as you can will make your decisions go faster.

For help and advice on delivering successful market research and insight contact info@dobney.com