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Newbie Market Researcher - Need Location of Furniture Stores in US
I am looking to do market research on the furniture sector in the US. In particular, I am looking for the location of all distribution and manufacturing centers, and to a lesser extent retail store locations.

Does anyone know if this type of research is out there?
Currently, I have just been googling the top 100 furniture stores (i.e. Ashley distribution center locations). It is working but it has been taking quite some time, and I am beginning to think that it might make more sense to just pay for this information if it is out there. I guess I should also add that I work for a small manufacturing company that has just started to have an interest in producing an ad campaign. I don't have much experience in market research, but I want to help them out where I can.

Any information would be great!! Thanks
Some avenues to try:
1. Trade associations
2. Database listings or directories - eg Dunn and Bradstreet (DnB), Yellow Pages will provide business listings with addresses and contact details
3. If DnB isn't detailed enough, then events management companies (trade shows) and industry magazines often sell access to lists for marketing
4. Look for specialist off-the-shelf analyst reports - examples I could find quickly included Ibis World, Fung Business Intelligence, Market Study Report all of whom claim to have published report on Furniture Stores in the US, or alternatively specialist press - for instance Furniture Today publish market statistics and data.

(Thu 28 Nov 2019, 13:28)Saul Dobney Wrote: Thank you Saul for the suggestions. At least it gives me a place to start!

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