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Which is the best domain for my company?
Make your music experience better with these Spotify tips

If you are looking for an app to enhance your music experience, Spotify is definitely a perfect choice. With personalized music recommendations and an easy-to-use interface, this powerful music app has attracted hundreds of millions of users around the world. Users now can access unlimited a vast music collection, create their favorite music playlists and even download songs for offline listening. There are countless interesting features of Spotify that are waiting for you to explore. Let’s find out!
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Improve sound quality

Whether you use the mobile or desktop version, Spotify lets you control the quality of music you stream or download easily. You can maximize the sound quality; although it will take up more capacity and consume more data, it is totally worth getting it because there is nothing worse than having to listen to a great electric guitar song with low sound quality. To improve the sound quality in Spotify, go to Settings> Music Quality, then you can choose the sound quality from Normal to Extreme.

Control what you are sharing with other people

Sharing your favorite songs with your family and friends is good, but sometimes you do not want the entire world to know what you are listening to. Spotify provides a Private Session that allows you to check what you are sharing with others. Go to Settings; then you can turn on or off the sharing feature on Spotify itself as well as on Facebook or any other social networking site where your friends, who you have connected on Spotify, can see your listening habits.

Get back the playlist you deleted

If you accidentally delete a certain playlist, do not worry, Spotify can help you retrieve it without spending hours to recreate another playlist and try to remember each song on it. To do this, go to the Account section of Spotify, choose Account Settings and tap Recover Playlists and amazing, it is back.
With many useful features, Spotify is really an excellent App music editor for Android.

Activate private listening mode

Once set up, the Premium version will automatically activate this feature every time you open the app, but if you use the free version, you must reset it every time. You go to Settings and choose to keep your songs private. After that, you can freely listen to whatever you like and worry about being found out by everyone.

View song lyrics

Spotify now provides lyrics for some selected English songs; however, this feature is currently only available on the Spotify mobile app. To see the song lyrics, open the Spotify app, play a song and go to its album view. Touch the album image, and the lyrics will display.
Alternatively, you can go to Settings and enable Behind the Lyrics mode which will display information about the song along with the lyrics.

We have just given you some coolest Spotify tips and tricks that can enhance your music experience. Hope you find these tips helpful and feel free to share with friends if you like. And now, let’s download this app from our Apk file download android to your device and enjoy!
(Thu 3 Jan 2019, 07:10)Lissandragaren3 Wrote: I organized a company which related to Logistic. its name "DONTURN", which domain I should use for? donturn@org?
It is so basic

Use Top level Domains such as

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