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Inquiry about Marketing Research agent
Dear All,

I was looking for marketing study for a certain chemical and I have found an agent who is in this kind of business 

I am wondering if I can trust his work or not.

I would like to ask you kindly if you heard about them before and your kind review

the agent name is (MART RESEARCH). Their website is
The company is not one I know. LinkedIn says it's an Indian company from Pune, Maharashtra founded in 2017 and the domain was registered in September 2017, so it seems quite young as a company. The people I saw on LinkedIn lists seemed to be all connected to SEO work rather than research. From what I can see the company is a reseller for reports from other publishers, so you might want to look up the publisher of the report you are interested in to see if they seem bona fide, or ask for a sample. I'd want to know the source of the data and how it was obtained to judge quality and to ask for a piece of data that you already know to see if they match, and perhaps ask for a guarantee as to the level of accuracy of the data. Research with solid underpinnings will have a strong methodology behind it, and good provenance for the numbers they have. Poor quality research will be more like consultant or analyst guesses, or just limited or biased estimates.

Nowadays, many companies can not handle their problem of tax, as the result they are getting failed or bankcrupt.

What should we do to handle this, I want to a marketing research agent here

Could you give the solution how to handle the fee of tax that is increased time by time.

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