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Finding A Specific Scale

I am currently working on an undergraduate thesis and my first research project. I am having trouble locating a scale I can use or adapt to measure fan "attitude towards level of competition/strength of schedule for a sports team." I am not sure to what capacity I can shoehorn something like this into a basic scale and want to be accurate. Any info on how to adapt a scale to this idea or a scale that has been previously used would be appreciated.

For many projects, researchers will create their own measures using standardised scale types such as an agree-disagree scale, a rating or other off the shelf scale. In academic circles there is a lot of debate as to which scale is best, so there is a lot of literature around the use of 5 or 7 point scales, whether scale points should be labelled, and factors like ensuring the item to be measured is valid. Many commercial researchers will just design measures based on what they need to measure, rather than what's academically best as some of the scale discussions get quite esoteric.

If you require an academically validated set of measurements then you'll need to go to the subject-specific literature (eg sports marketing literature) to see if there's anything appropriate and pre-validated. if not then you'll have to create your own. As a reference, RECSM at the University of Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona specialises in this type of survey quality issue.



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