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Loan application process (research - please help!)
Hi everyone,
I am trying to do some research into the way people take out loans.  Would anyone be willing to answer some questions for me?
How would you go about finding information about loans (e.g. look online or go into a bank)?
Would you prefer taking a loan from a bank or an alternative loan provider?
Do you prefer a 100% online process or going into a physical branch?
Any help with my project would really be appreciated!
Thank you!
Just a note, but this is more a forum for discussing research and research methods. If you're looking for sample or responses, then this is best done in other ways. For instance, using market research panels or fieldwork. If you're trying to do it yourself for free, try subject specialist discussion forums or groups on social media, or do some face-to-face interviewing - basically stop and ask people. It's hard work, but ultimately most people are friendly and many people are willing to help in return for a please, a smile and a thank you.


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