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Survey help
I am trying to target people who are in the haulage business. I tried to reach them with an email survey but failed as they are not willing to take time out for my research. How do I get them to take part? Thx in advance.
Some business to business markets are difficult to reach by email unless you have some form of relationship with the customers as unsolicited emails are often treated as spam. It's particularly hard for B2B because the market size (the number of potential customers) is normally much smaller than for a consumer market. Your best options might be to try some of the groups on LinkedIn, or involve someone who has a good list such as a trade association, or to use a phone-based approach and just call. It's a lot more work than simply firing out an email though. If you get going, you might be able to use a 'snowball' technique. That is from each contact you make, you ask for other potential contacts and so build the sample from a network of connections. Not necessarily a representative sample, but a possible way of getting introductions to more people who can help.

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You should also take in consideration the targets demographic behavior. Maybe your target isn't active on the web(though that is becoming less likely). That is the most tricky part when you can't reach via email. Sometimes it is better to go out in the field and do a face to face survey, instead of spending the time thinking a way how to get a representative sample.
Edit: I ran across this great article, generally explaining the difference and the fields of use for each of the types of research

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Nowadays, you can find out many of small companies that can help to collect qualitative or quantitative data about your idea. For instance, #Marketest would be able to help you with quantitative market research with an indication on how people think in the UK market. However, if you want to do market research entirely for free, you may opt for Google, one of the best information tools you could possibly hope for, where you can find out a bit about almost anything if you look hard enough.
Market research is an essential part of the business start-up process but many entrepreneurs skip this vital stage because of the supposed cost. Market research determines the feasibility of a project and it is a way to adapt a business’ strategy (such as communication, pricing policy, product range, etc.) to the market. It is significant to carry out market research in order to confirm an idea, make a project credible, professionalise the “setting-up” approach or convince financial partners and other to invest in your business idea.
Hope to be helpful :)
My suggestion would be Google as well. It's free and you'll learn a thing or two when you do it yourself.
Use LinkedIn social Media channel and target different clients and increase your Network. so it will come easy for you to target audience. 
then make a targeted audience list and then go for E-mail Marketing

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It's worth remembering, the key to good quality market research is in the sample. There is no point in contacting or interviewing the wrong people about their opinions - you wouldn't ask shopkeepers about their opinions of industrial machinery. Similarly, you want to get a representative picture of the market, not just one or two viewpoints, so I think [purged spammer] should expand on the specifics of how he/she would explicitly reach people in the haulage industry. It's not a group that pops up easily with an online list or panel, and phone may be more appropriate contact method than online.

There are also plenty of options for survey platforms and dashboards, but without starting from a properly defined population for sampling, and tailoring the questions to match the requirements of the business problem, it may just be garbage-in garbage-out (GIGO).


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