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What does this name say to you?
I am starting a new business and came up with the name 'Studio Intro' but a few people close to me hated the name saying they can't relate it to anything. So if you hear Studio Intro does it really sound that awful?

Didn'd want to put it right away to let the brain think a little before knowing the business nature... It's a web agency and video editing site. 

Personally, as a name it's very abstract. I wouldn't know what you did just from the name, and from the point of view of search engines it would be a difficult name for people to find as both words are very generalist. However, that's just my view. For market research, put the names in front of people to see what they think - perhaps add some other options and ask for the best name. Another approach is to ask people who you think would be potential customers what they look for in a web and video agency, and then use this to zero in on words and phrases they would search for.

the name of your business doesn't match with your work. 
sorry to say this because it will tend to lose your online traffic as a result of a loss in your business.

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