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Query from someone who wants to enter a career as a Market Researcher

 I am a former Chemistry Teacher now working as a Private Science Tutor. I want to start a career as a full-time Market Researcher as it fits in with my skill set such as attention-to-detail, strong numeracy and being analytical. 

During my Teacher training, I really enjoyed making a thorough report about how student behaviour affect their achievement using lesson observation notes and bar charts using Microsoft Excel.

I want to ask a set of questions to gain an insight into being a Market Researcher. Here are my questions: 

What does your job involve in terms of researching and analysing? 

How did you get your current Market Research job? 

What do you enjoy most about your Market Research job? 

How was the transition to your current role from your previous job (especially if you had a job that was not related to the Market Research industry)? 

What is your day-to-day routine like? 

Are your working days different to each other? 

What are the main challenges you face as a Market Researcher and how did you overcome them? 


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