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Help with assessing research vendors
Hello ,

My company wanted a report that would outline market forecasts for certain software solutions in certain regions. After some research, I contacted several research houses that include large ones such as IDC and Gartner , but the most flexible ones that satisfied my specific needs were large Indian-based research houses, not only did they offer customized content but at competitive prices too. The ones I looked at included infoholic, grand view research, and mordor research, however, I don't have experience with the quality of information they offer, as I usually only used from well-known vendors such as Gartner and IDC. Anyone have any experience with any of these research vendors? How accurate was the data they provided? and is there any rating for them by a third party? Thanks!

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Help with assessing research vendors - by ImanAkef - Wed 28 Jun 2017, 22:09

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