Qualitative research costings

In previous years we used to have a price estimator here for basic qualitative research costs for depth interviews and group discussions. But over time the estimator and prices have become a little out of date, and many more of the enquiries we've received have been for more challenging tasks than just a simple few consumer depths or groups, or a few online focus groups.

If you would like more information we are very happy to provide a price estimate even for the most speculative project or to help you set a budget estimate. Please use the 'Contact and Help' link for more information

If you are trying to estimate a price for qualitative research we would need to know the following details:

  • Firstly, the definition of the audience or market that you want to research.

    So is it business or consumer? Is it a particular set of buyers or people who purchase or use a particular product? Are there specific criteria that determine who we would need to talk to such as seniority, age etc? For qualitative research typically you get better information the closer the people you talk to are to a buying decision.
  • Secondly, what are you trying to find out.

    What is the subject matter and business objective, ideally specify what answers or business decisions you are looking to understand or undertake as a result of the research. Qualitative research is the explore and dig part of market research, so it is less appropriate for getting statistics or measurements, but it can be very good for understanding the broad landscape of a market and how customers think in general.
  • Thirdly, do you require the research to be carried out face-to-face (eg focus groups, or depths), or would you like us to advise - eg online or telephone based or mixed?

    This overlaps with who the target audience is as the best method for contact is the one that is most convenient for the people you want to talk to. For instance it is extremely difficult to business leaders into a face-to-face focus group, but it can be possible to carry out telephone depth interviews with web-based stimulus, or to use an online discussion platform to engage with hard to reach groups.
  • If it is face to face do you have any particular locations and do you want the ability to listen in or watch the research in progress?
  • How quickly do you want turnaround and will you require transcripts or an in-person debrief?