On-line e-magazines

We used to list a selection of electronic magazines covering a range of technology related topics below, to help in researching and carrying out Market Intelligence

However time have moved on and it is almost impossible to maintain a list of magazines, blogs, social networks and the like over a period of several years. For this reason we have removed this section. Search engines are now the best method for dipping into online opinions and published views even from professional publishers - the rate of turnover is just so quick that it is not possible to keep up-to-date.

Other sources of information on this site include lists of mailing list providers, and lists of technology analysts.

List of e-magazines (alphabetical by site order)

In the past we had a list of e-magazines suitable for searching, but with the speed of development and new areas coming out all the time, our list was woefully out of date. This page remains, for anyone looking for us via a search engine. Apologise for removing the list. Please contact us if you require any specific help.