List of technology analysts

Below are a list of companies providing specialist reports and analysis for different technology markets. These companies may have the report you are looking for, or provide the data you want without needing to carry out primary research. Analyst houses often provide top-level information about areas like market size and key-players.

The brief description of what the company does is based on our assessment of the what we found when we reviewed the sites.

We'd also encourage you to read our notes about what to expect and look for from off-the-shelf market reports as the quality and standard of reports can be weak at times (even among our recommended companies). We do not make any endorsement for quality of any of the sites or their information.

Other sources of information on this site include lists of electronic magazines, and lists of mailing list providers. Some of this information may be out of date by the time you read it as analyst houses appear and disappear relatively frequently (list last checked 2016).

Specialist technology analyst houses

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