Case studies

This section contains a selection of case studies. Rather than reveal the clients, some of whom would be happy for us to say who they are and others who would prefer confidentiality, we have decided not to reveal any names.


  • Positioning new software
  • Proving a new web-venture
  • Keeping strategic focus for a software company
  • Market positioning for an Econometrics company
  • Start-up positioning for waste disposal company


  • New product take up with online Brand-price trade off
  • Software take-up rates
  • Value-research for a retailer
  • Baby-food packaging design
  • Local newspapers research
  • Advertising effectiveness across media
  • IT supply chains and dealer research
  • New product take up and pricing
  • Re-pricing products and services
  • Healthcare product development using conjoint on-line
  • Feature bundling for new product design online
  • Employee satisfaction and product purchasing
  • The value of in-store promotions
  • Membership of charities and sport NGB
  • Satisfaction surveys for market-leading utility company
  • Marketing director study into marketing ROI


  • Tourism to Japan
  • Competitive review for software company
  • Market sizing in the peripherals market
  • Software pricing review
  • Database analysis, cleaning and augmentation


  • Fieldshare website
  • The Questionnaire Wizard
  • Research automation tools
  • Notanant virtual communities
  • Conjoint Module
  • SurveyGarden Survey Package