Strategy case studies

Most of our strategy work is done with pre-IPO companies who want advice, a process and information to help them plan and develop their business better.

This section contains a selection of case studies. Rather than reveal the clients, some of whom would be happy for us to say who they are and others who would prefer confidentiality, we have decided not to reveal any names.

Focusing on the right markets

With new products and small companies it is all to easy to get bound up in the technology and to see your product working everywhere. Our role was to help determine the current state of various markets so that the key strategic decision of where to target the product initially could be made. By dispelling a few market myths and mis-assumptions we were able to keep the company focusing on the right customer set.

Positioning new software

When you've spent 10 years developing the heart of some ground breaking software, its pretty critical that you know who to sell it to, what to say and how to get sales.

Our role was to take a look at the product, find out information about competitors, look at who the customers would be and then advise them on how to tune and develop the product for the right audience - which wasn't who they'd originally thought of. Combining market intelligence, research among potential customers and expert advice, we helped with product refinements, communications, direct marketing and estimates of market potential and sales. Newly launched, we are hoping this lives up to its potential.

Proving a new web-venture

Great ideas are one thing, showing that there is a business there is another. Sometimes the great idea you had turns out not to be such a goldmine after all, but add a bit of lateral thinking maybe there is value there after all.

For this project, we wanted to get to a stage to build and test the business plan. Initial intelligence work suggested that the idea wasn't so original after all, but undeterred we pressed on to develop the crucial elements that needed to be in place for the business to work. However, on the way it became clear that the simple idea would cost a fortune to start and might not have enough momentum to make it successful. But within the ashes of one idea grew the potential for something different. Currently a watch-this- space venture.

Keeping strategic focus

When you're small and growing quickly everywhere is an opportunity. The problem is that having the cash and resources to pursue every opportunity isn't possible and some of those opportunities may well turn into dead-ends.

Our role has been to provide information and act as a mentor and sounding board for the CEO. Using our experience and expertise this has involved talking through and critiquing ideas, putting them in contact with industry sector experts, and providing an informed perspective that is outside the technical and sales day-to-day. Currently expanding into America, this has every chance of becoming a worldwide success.