Qualitative market research case studies

Qualitative research is about understanding and identifying market issues, rather than measuring those issues. For us, qualitative research is typically focused around decision making and customer relationships with a view to identifying potential drivers of choice - both hidden (using sensory-emotional techniques) and open. Much of our qualitative research forms the basis for subsequent quantitative studies.

This section contains a selection of case studies. Rather than reveal the clients, some of whom would be happy for us to say who they are and others who would prefer confidentiality, we have decided not to reveal any names.

International web-assisted telephone qualitative research

An company providing specialist equipment wanted to understand a new product design that could streamline lab processes. As a difficult to reach audience across Euope and the US it was necessary to conduct the research via telephone, but because the company wanted to show and test concepts it was important that the respondents were able to see and understand what was being proposed. Using our multi-lingual web-assisted telephone interviewing software we were able to carry out telephone depths showing relevant and customised information for the respondent under the control of the interviewer.

Executive interviewing - Positioning for business consultancy

A business consultancy was looking to understand how and where to position it's consultancy skills and whether to market itself as a generalist or a specialist. Through executive interviewing with marketing directors at leading UK companies we were able to determine current trends and issues and establish the potential for holistic as opposed to specific services.

Software use and usability

A new software company wanted to understand whether consumers would take to their new software product. Individuals were recruited to try the software, then in-home depth interviews carried out to assess the viability of the software and issues and sticking points in terms of usability and presentation.

Local newspaper design - focus groups

Local newspapers are updated regularly. We carried out group discussions among readers to find out perceptions of the paper including brand personification and the value of different sections of the newspaper before testing new ideas and new themes to reinvigorate the title.

New internet services testing

We are regularly asked to conduct feasibility research into new internet ideas and often find that qualitative research is a good first step, showing potential mock-ups and ideas and testing to see how it will grab people before the project goes into development.

Packaging design and point of sale materials

For larger companies, the effectiveness of packaging and point of sale materials can have a large impact on the business and making changes can have a potential positive effect, but also can carry a negative risk if there is an adverse reaction from consumers to the change. We carried out qualitative research to understand both preferences for different packaging mock-ups, but also to collect the hidden messages and meanings that consumers took away from the designs.

Employee attitudes - depth interviews

If your employees have an employee discount scheme, but don't appear to use it what does it say about your products and your staff. Our internal depth interviews had to keep the confidence of employees whilst providing an acid truth to their employers about their product line complexity and pricing.